How to Use a Dog Training Collar For Confidence-Building

Dog training collar for confidencebuilding

Dog training collars for confidence-building can be an invaluable asset in helping a fearful or anxious dog overcome his fears. Today’s remote training collars are highly customizable to the individual sensitivity of each dog; this enables trainers to avoid unnecessary correction by not using levels of stimulation which could hurt or upset him/her – ultimately eliminating confrontation through voice or body language as well as helping reduce fear and anxiety in pups.

Step one in this type of training involves familiarizing your dog with an electronic collar so that it won’t surprise him when they act inappropriately. To accomplish this, wear the collar around their neck for several days prior to using it for real.

As soon as your dog begins any unwanted behavior, such as chasing other dogs or eating garbage, give him the command “sit” while tapping on the continuous button and increase stimulation level until he responds positively. Repeat this several times with play breaks in between for maximum effectiveness.