Dog Training Collar For Mouthing Behavior

Dog training collar for mouthing behavior

Many times, mouthing behavior between dogs is simply the natural “correction” they offer one another during play or posturing. If your pup is chewing objects or people without being aggressively assertive, an e-collar might help; however it should only be used as part of an overall training program including positive reinforcement training, bite inhibition training and socialization.

When training mouthing behavior in dogs, the ideal collar will not involve shock stimulation. Choke chains, pinch collars or prong collars that jerk or pop the neck may cause fear or anxiety and increase your dog’s likelihood to bite in future as well as prevent them from learning new behaviors on cue or with your voice.

An alternative such as the Educator E-Collar utilizes vibration and light stimulation to get your dog’s attention or divert them away from undesirable behavior more humanely than using shocks or sounds, with no head jerking and no marks or pain left behind on its neck.

When selecting a collar to train your dog, be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully. If any questions arise, consult a professional trainer. They’ll be able to determine whether an e-collar is the appropriate solution for your pup; but be patient as it takes time for him or her to adjust to wearing it properly and respond positively; it takes patience and treats before your canine can stop biting things other than toys or people!