How to Use a Remote Dog Training Collar For Distance Training

Remote dog training collar for distance training

Utilizing remote dog training collars for distance training can be a fantastic way to promote obedience and enforce commands from a distance. E-collars allow handlers to send commands via mild static stimulation, beep sound or beeper sound. Some manufacturers even offer more intense shock levels. E-collars are powerful training tools when used properly but could become dangerous tools if misused by untrained owners who increase stimulation beyond mild irritation levels; this would not only harm their dog but could be hazardous as well.

As soon as your pet arrives home, make sure the e-collar is fitted and adjusted properly so as to fit snugly around their neck and not slip around their ears. Also take time to become acquainted with its transmitter and various settings.

Start at the lowest tone/vibration level and gradually work your way up, to help the dog adjust to the sensation and learn that only when they respond correctly will the discomfort subside. This is particularly important when teaching “come”, since discomfort will help your pup understand that when hearing its command to come nearer rather than run away. Furthermore, using vibration can teach them “heel” commands for off-lead recall purposes.