Dog Training Collar For Sensitive Dogs

Dog training collar for sensitive dogs

Dog Training Collar for Sensitive Pups

If your pup has sensitive skin or fears experiencing static shock, then a non-electric collar for obedience training would be beneficial. Options available include martingale collars, harnesses and head halters which won’t put as much strain on its neck; these options can especially helpful if your pet likes pulling on leash while being sensitive as they won’t place as much pressure as choke collars and prong collars do.

Training collars can help curb unwanted behaviors like digging, nuisance barking and chasing/retrieving. Most ecollars feature multiple working modes that you can customize according to your dog’s temperament; beep and vibration are often employed during obedience training while low-level vibration or more intense shock stimulation is reserved for stopping unwanted behavior.

Use an e-collar to reinforce learned commands by associating positive experiences with actions they take, such as rewarding them when they comply. Repeatedly rewarding will create an association between command and treat until your pup begins associating it with positive experiences.

To practice using an e-collar with your pup, attach it together with their regular collar and long lead and allow them to roam a training area freely for some time. When they engage in targeted behavior that needs correcting, tap on the continuous button at low stimulation level so as to encourage movement towards you instead of their undesirable activities.