Dog Training Collar For Prey Drive

An animal with prey drive is drawn to chasing, catching, and eating things they encounter while out and about in nature. This natural instinct must be managed correctly under the supervision of an experienced trainer to maintain safety for both animal and trainer alike.

E-Collar training can be highly effective for controlling dogs with strong prey drives, but must be combined with a comprehensive training plan focusing on basic obedience and keeping the dog focused on its owner – otherwise they risk becoming distracted and preoccupied with finding prey instead of on you – which poses serious safety risks and could result in injury to themselves and/or others.

If your dog is chasing something while on leash or within a fenced area, use passive positive reinforcement and verbal praise as a way of redirecting him or her away from that behavior. A quick “Good dog!” may suffice, or provide them with a reward like treats.

Try distracting them with toys or enroll them in fun sports that will provide them with an outlet for their instincts. However, if your dog has already begun stalking its prey-chase cycle and is intensely focused on what they want to chase after then an e-collar may be necessary to ensure he or she stays safe and on track with what they’re pursuing.

One of the main issues people encounter when trying to tame prey driven dogs is using an excessively corrective collar. When a prey driven dog starts chasing rabbits or squirrels, they need to be gently but firmly guided back onto their leash using minimal settings on an electronic collar, along with generous praise when they start listening (thus instantly releasing their collar). A remote control with boost button may also work effectively.