Dog Training Collar For Older Dogs

Certified dog trainers know that positive reinforcement training is an excellent way to alter behavior, yet sometimes rewards alone may not suffice in correcting specific behaviors. That is where training collars come in; with various models available you are sure to find one suitable for your pup!

Shock Collar

Electronic (e-collars), also referred to as shock collars, attach around a dog’s neck and contain a transmitter which sends vibration or shock waves when you press a button on a remote controller. They tend to work best with older animals as they may respond better to correction than puppies are. Although some believe shock training to be abusive for animals, others swear by its effectiveness when combined with other forms of training methods.

Bark Collar If you’re dealing with an active barker, a bark collar can provide relief. Most devices emit bursts of citronella or air that startle the dog into stopping their barking; others feature different vibration or shock settings that allow for adjustment depending on when your pet barks, to find one which induces only whimpers rather than fear or cowering in response to barking.

Garmin offers 21 levels of vibration and shock stimulation, starting with a gentle tingle I can feel on my own chest when testing it out. Within just days Teddy had adjusted to it; now all it takes to activate the device is for her to make an occasional short whimper to get it working, helping me keep our evening walks on track!