Dog Training Collar For Hiking Adventures

Dog training collar for hiking adventures

If you plan to go hiking this summer with your pup, a high-quality collar is essential. Finding one can help prevent nuisance barking, improve on-leash behavior and train them for off-leash adventures.

A reliable collar allows you to keep an eye on your pup. A GPS collar like the SpotOn makes it simple and accurate tracking their location – plus its Forest mode improves GPS accuracy in areas with plenty of trees!

An electronic collar or shock collar can be an invaluable asset when hiking with your pup. When they become disinterested or chase after something they shouldn’t, a quick press of their remote transmitter button can bring them back quickly and safely to you.

Before using an e-collar on your pet, ensure it’s used in a controlled and safe environment. Working with an experienced trainer is key for getting optimal results from this kind of training.

Another essential item for hiking with reactive dogs is a treat pouch. These can range from simple baggy pockets to multi-pocketed waistbelts that enable easy access to rewards during walks or hikes.

Your pet will require a towel for wiping muddy paws clean, dog boots to protect its paw pads from rocks and thorns and snow as well as old wool socks taped around their dog’s feet and paws as bootie bandages, in case he or she suffers swollen feet on the trail and first aid kits with any medications prescribed by his/her veterinarian.