Best E-Collar For Excessive Digging

Digger dogs may dig out of boredom, excess energy, hunting behavior, seeking food or hiding items and/or trying to escape confinement. Tactic includes redirecting them towards other activities – like playing with their favorite toy or engaging in interactive outdoor games; providing a designated digging zone while still having freedom in their yard and on hot days providing them with a cool resting spot such as a dog house or bed that sits higher off the ground.

If your dog begins digging in an off-limits area, it is crucial that you act quickly with a calm but firm voice to pull them back from this activity. After redirecting them with “come” or “stay,” provide something positive as an activity to distract and engage your pup until he or she no longer shows signs of wanting to dig. Finally, give lots of praise!

Repeat this process until your dog begins digging only in appropriate areas. It may take some time and consistent training, but with patience you will eventually achieve success! For excessive digging the best electronic collar is PetSafe’s Activator Remote Training Collar which features half a mile range, stainless contact points, boost button functionality and waterproof design.